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Build a stronger reputation for your properties.

Increase the number of positive reviews for your properties by offering a best-in-class living experience. Offer residents a tech-forward app for all their residential needs.

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Allow residents to unlock doors using the app.

Our product works with a smart intercom device that allows residents to unlock both private and communal doors inside the Sugar app. Unlike other smart locks, Sugar doesn’t require any lock replacements.

Not interested in this feature? No worries. Sugar still works fine without the unlock door feature.

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Mobile App

Property Dashboards


Management Profiles

Our Features

Sugar allows you to customize the mobile app experience for each building. Pick and choose features for specific buildings. Monitor your building's analytics and leverage on-site staff profiles to engage easily with residents.

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Integrate into your current software stack.

Integrate Sugar into your current property management software tools to make managing your building a breeze. Easily funnel resident information from your preexisting platforms onto Sugar.

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Critical component of improving resident experience!

My interest and excitement is driven by Sugar's potential to deliver on two of EQ's most important portfolio wide goals. EQ is committed to utilizing technology wherever and whenever possible in order to improve resident experience and EQ is determined to establish a sense of community as a company, throughout the portfolio and at each individual property. Sugar will be a catalyst in establishing these two pillar concepts at each and every EQ property and across the portfolio, making the concept and the app a part of our overall brand.

Sof Astatke
Partner, Equilibrium Investments

Increased community engagement!

One of the main reasons for launching the Sugar app in our building is to increase resident engagement. We're excited at the ability to promote so many building-wide events inside the platform and see increased event turnout as a result.

Jerad Jackson
Community Manager, AMC

Easy setup!

We're excited about the easy setup process. The process of setting up Sugar in our building will be super simple. I'll be able to send a download link to all existing residents so they could download the app. As new residents enter our building, we can easily add them to their their units and onboard them onto the Sugar platform.

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