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What exactly is Sugar?

Sugar is a mobile app for residents and/or visitors of residential spaces. The app allows users to perform daily activities as well as engage with others on the property. Property managers also have access to a management dashboard to monitor resident engagement as well as respond to resident questions inside the mobile app.

How do I integrate Sugar into my properties?

We make it super easy to onboard your property. We can easily upload all pre-existing information on your residents and get them set up on the app. All incoming residents will get unique download links to get set up on the Sugar platform.

I don't need keyless entry. Can my building still use Sugar?

Absolutely! Each feature, including all the hardware integrations, can be added and/or removed to your custom Sugar dashboard. Each property can have a completely unique mobile app experience based on the features you select for that property.

Who can use Sugar on my properties?

Only full-time residents have access to Sugar. Residents can allow visitors to use certain portions of the app for the duration of their stay. Residents can also leverage the keyless entry feature to give access to confirmed visitors and delivery personnel.

Does Sugar offer 24/7 support to users?

Yes. We offer 24/7 support to app users experiencing technical difficulties.

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