Our Mission

Leverage the power of community to fuel the world.

At Sugar, we're inspired by building software that builds and strengthens
communities within residential spaces. We believe that the most important
aspect of community is making its members proud to belong.

About Us

Originally based in Los Angeles, Sugar was founded in early 2020. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sugar was designed to enhance the quarantine experience for people spending significantly more time at home. For apartment and residential communities, we saw the opportunity to make it easier for residents to engage with one another in a safe and efficient way.

Our product was designed in partnership with real estate investment groups and property management companies to build the most relevant features. Our goal is to leverage technology and design thinking to deliver an amazing living experience to residents by making daily tasks and community engagement significantly easier.

Our Values

Community matters
Home is where the heart is
Make it easier
Good vibes only
Sharing is caring

Our Clients

We partner with real estate investment groups and property management groups all over the world. Our clients have properties that range from multi-family units and large apartment communities to hotels and Airbnb properties. Our primary goal is to ensure that Sugar adds value to all partner properties and drastically improve the residential experience.

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