Build your property's Sugar experience

Sugar allows you to pick and choose custom features for each
property to optimize the residential experience for your residents.

An all-in-one mobile app for residents.

Sugar gives your residents a single mobile app where they can perform all daily activities such as paying rent, submitting maintenance requests, unlocking doors and engaging with other residents.

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Manager profiles to engage with community.

Custom dashboards for each property that allows on-site staff to monitor community engagement. Staff can also set up verified profiles to answer questions in the app and offer faster and more personalized support to residents.

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Plug into existing property management software.

Streamline your property's operations by integrating Sugar into your existing software stack. Bring all your tools together to make it easier to engage with your residents and offer quick support.

Personalize property with unique smart integrations.

Customize your property's experience by adding unique smart integrations such as keyless entry, on-site dry cleaning boxes, video surveillance, smart lighting and more.

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Why Sugar?

Attract New Residents With Unique Features

Impress potential residents and site visitors with a tech-forward experience.

Reduce Property Management Costs

Enable your staff to solve resident issues quickly from mobile device.

Increase Resident Retention Rates

Get residents to stay longer by building a community.

Here's how Sugar Works

Customize your property's Sugar experience.

Tell us a bit more about each of your properties so we can customize the experience based on your needs.


Easily onboard new residents to specific units.

Add old and new residents to specific units so they can onboard onto the Sugar app. Set permissions from your Sugar dashboard.

Monitor and increase community engagement.

Allow staff to engage inside the community portal by answering questions, renting items and throwing events. Make changes to your property based on community feedback and real-time analytics.


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